Columnist: ‘Grantham MP Nick Boles has shown he is out of touch with society’

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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A week after seeming to be part of Grantham, championing our hospital, Nick Boles showed that yet again he is truly out of touch with modern life for many Britons.

The Grantham MP was revealed to have claimed more than £670 in expenses towards heating his second home, along with 339 other MPs.

This action is particularly telling considering the speech Mr Boles gave last year to think-tank Resolution Foundation. In the speech he said that he believed pensioners should be means-tested instead of being automatically granted a winter fuel allowance. That is, those who can afford to do without, should.

Surely a salary of more than £89,000 would be considered being able to afford without. Yet that is the salary Mr Boles earns as an MP and junior planning minister and he seems to think he needs to claim expenses.

I believe he made a good point about those with money not being given the winter fuel allowance. It is a matter of greed and morality to not take this money if you know you can do without.

But the same standards are there for MPs. If he really believes what he said last year he should lead through actions as well as words. Grandstanding an easy political point is cheap. Truly leading on this issue would mean he would have to sacrifice something however.

As long as the system is available, there will be abuse, same as with the winter fuel allowance. But perhaps the leaders of the country should look at how their actions might be perceived by those who put them in office.

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