Columnist Jacob Stuart: ‘We need to fight to make Grantham a place people want to be’

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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South Kesteven District Council came under some fire this week as they spent close to £5,000 on bringing in Michael Portillo for a promotional film about Grantham.

The £4,700 also covered brochures and film equipment for the day.

As always seems to be the case, this has caused some anger amongst taxpayers. It seems that continually using Grantham history and the ongoing saga of the Margaret Thatcher statue, which would cost a whole lot more than this project has, is fine but a relatively small expense for a quick promotional tool about our town is cause for more complaints.

Smart advertising via showing off our modern positives alongside this rich history is obviously the way to go.

If we want Grantham to become a place to visit, as has been so often argued, we need to fight for it, it is not just going to happen because we want it to.

SKDC has made a bid for relevance for our town which is certainly something we can be grateful for.

Whether or not it will make a difference remains to be seen.

The key to this expense for me is how the film will be used now it has been completed. As stated by Coun Frances Cartwright the video will be put up on the council website and Youtube channel. It will also be sent out to potential investors.

If these are aggressively pursued we may be on to a success.

But if the business pitch is left out in the ether we will truly have another failure on our hands.

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