Concerned about our town centre

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There are two traffic lights at North Street which are causing traffic jams in Grantham.

One set changes to green to afford traffic to proceed on to North Parade, but the second set remains at red for another 20-30 seconds. This is causing a major traffic build up at all times during the day.

The North Street traffic light, when operating the 20-30 second delay, causes traffic to back up in Watergate and the High Street, Brook Street and on to Manthorpe Road, Belton Avenue and Hill Avenue.

I ask the department responsible for this phasing operation (Lincs County Council), what is the reason for this traffic lght delay?.

Incidentally, all the traffic lights in Grantham are controlled by a computer in Lincoln.

Also, I have noticed that the road known as ‘Narrow Westgate‘ is becoming more narrow. The entrance to The George Centre has flagstones stretching out into the road area.

If you look at the pavement on the right, looking from ‘Wide Westgate’ up towards The George Centre, it becomes gradually wider until the much wider paving outside the centre.

It follows that the road in general will become narrower. This could present a problem for HGV vehicles, either trying to pass each other, or to make deliveries to the shops in that street.

Further concern is being expressed by the market traders, who will eventually be repositioned back to their original sites on that much narrower road area.

Mr F.S.Jessop

Fourth Avenue, Grantham