Congratulations - but I’m a genuine ‘teetotaller’

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FIRST of all, I’d like to congratulate Dennis and Gwen Peasgood on their golden wedding anniversary, and wish them many more happy years.

As I was reading the story, and nodding in appreciation that he doesn’t drink alcohol, I then read, “every once in a while I might have a shandy with a tiny bit of beer in the top but that’s all”.

Unfortunately Dennis, shandy HAS beer in it.

I AM teetotal. I don’t drink ANY alcohol, and I know many more people like myself.

The part of the story which amused me was, “The South Witham pensioner has lived his entire life without ever supping a pint ...”. So have I. Reason being I can’t stand the taste of it. It’s horrible. Give me a glass of grape juice every time. It’s healthy, does your body good, and it’s cheaper. No contest.


Cambridge Street, Grantham