Congratulations to all at Priory Ruskin Academy

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We would like to thank the interested parties who are giving their time and efforts to ease the alterations to the school - but also wish to place on record the enormous improvement in the pupils’ behaviour and appearance over recent times.

We have shared our street with the school since it opened and have grumbled repeatedly at the amount of traffic it generates.

It is a fact of modern life that there will be school traffic at certain times. So it is throughout Grantham and, presumably, throughout the country.

It’s a pain, but we know it’s going to be there and unfortunately have to make adjustments to our journey times accordingly.

The building work, too, is going to affect us. It probably won’t alter our quality of life unduly.

If we had to go through life with no greater problem than “a bit of a nuisance” what a wonderful world it would be for all of us.

So thank you staff and parents - and most of all pupils - for the efforts you are making to ensure that disruption to us is at an absolute minimum. We have been impressed with the respectful way we are always treated and the discipline with which you now journey to and from school.

Good luck and enjoy your splendid new academy!

Fred and Jenny Atter

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