Conservative columnist has rose-tinted specs

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What can Richard Davies mean by his misty-eyed article singing the praises of the woman who did more harm to this country than any other person in recent history.

He must gaze in to the portrait he probably has on his wall with the same reverence as the people of North Korea allegedly did for the late and unlamented Kim Jong-il.

As to the film. It is historically inaccurate and mawkish. You assert Thatcher’s legacy is ‘the lifeblood of every small business in Grantham.’ In which case why is Grantham dying?

I suggest you ask your Tory colleagues at SKDC to stop blaming us when it’s their policy of giving permission for out of town shopping that has caused it.

Have a word with local shop landlords too, to stop putting up rents. Tell stores to stop profiteering at our expense. There should be no public money used for any statue.

Anthony Hindmarch

Gorse Lane, Grantham