Conservatives could get a sheep in power, here

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I am writing in reponse to John Kirk’s letter regarding MP Nick Boles which was published in last week’s Journal.

Unfortunately for some, we live in a Parliamentary constituency where the Conservatives could place a blue rosette on a sheep, stand it as a candidate, and it would be voted in with no problem at all.

That, at the last general election, was exactly what they did when they brought Mr Boles in.

Mr Boles is highly regarded within his party and is earmarked for great things in the future. What better way to ensure he stays in Parliament than to place him in one of the safest Tory seats in the country - even though he had absolutely no affiliation with the area at all.

The idea that Nick Boles has any intention of voicing the concerns of his constituents, unless they happen to mirror the Tory party line on the subject, is quite frankly laughable. He will do as he is instructed by his party leaders, not by his electorate.

Mr Kirk’s final question was ‘Mr Boles, you convinced the voters once, the question is will you manage it again?’.

Well Mr Kirk, as long as the sheep wears his blue rosette then, in this area, there is absolutely no question at all.

Wayne Ayto

Wensleydale Close, Grantham