Conservatives win Grantham King’s School mock election

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Students at the King’s School in Grantham have taken part in a mock General Election ahead of the real polls tomorrow (June 8).

The students from Year 7 took part in the ‘election’ as part of a project for developing political literacy. Students put themselves forward to stand as party leader for the different parties.

Each party created its own manifesto and the boys emulated the ‘real’ political parties and created campaign videos which were shown throughout the year groups. These videos gave the boys a chance to address all students and gave them an idea as to what their party manifestos were and why their party deserved a vote.

The different parties were then open to ‘question and answer sessions’. The party leaders anticipated what was going to be asked and some parties even wrote a speech to give during these sessions.

Miss Leek, Head of PDC: said “The students were very persuasive and handled the sometimes challenging questions very well.”

After seeing the information about the mock election, all students in Years 7 to 10 were asked if they would like to register to vote. If they did, they were added to the ‘King’s Electoral Register’ and were issued a polling card. More than 70 per cent of students registered to vote.

The Conservative Party won the mock election with 31 per cent of the vote and the Liberal Democrats were second with 29 per cent of the votes. In third place was the Green party with 22 per cent of the vote and fourth was the Labour Party with 18 per cent.