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Plan submitted for Islamic centre in Grantham.
Plan submitted for Islamic centre in Grantham.
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Your article in the Journal reporting an application for a mosque in Grantham is disturbing.

The tolerance that the UK has shown to facilitating this move towards increasing places for Muslims to worship will continue to work towards increasing the influence of this religion within our society and will increase the influx of Muslims to Grantham.

Where I lived in London, the construction of a mosque increased the Muslim population living near to the mosque. I could well see the same thing happening in Grantham.

Having worked in (and still working in) different Muslim countries for the last few years, I can assure you that there is no such tolerance towards Christians, in fact quite the opposite.

I would recommend that those who are responsible for allowing the building of such a place consider very carefully the long term impact of their actions should they allow this to happen.

Those who live in Grantham will be the ones who will have to bear the social implications of such an action this country.

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