Constructive criticism is vital for real progress

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‘ETERNAL Optimist’ suggests (Journal, November 11) everyone’s personal approach will play a part in solving current crises.

However, if criticism is not levelled at the politicians and economists responsible for these crises, then those same people will simply pursue the same policies to the detriment of all of us.

Sadly, like Nick Boles (October 28) and David Burling (October 21), ‘eternal optimist’ suggests nothing specific, tangible or practical to improve matters.

Optimism is a state of mind. In World War Two, we must have been the most optimistic nation on the planet; we survived due to the massive personal and practical contributions by millions of ordinary people. Unfortunately, now, such splendid personal contributions are completely stifled by the nanny state.

Today we are over-regulated by Westminster and Brussels. The best practical improvement we could make is to demand that those whom we elect should, sensibly and selectively, repeal or re-draft 90 per cent of the legislation placed on our Statute Book over the past 40 years. Then perhaps common sense and progress could re-emerge.


Bourne Road, Colsterworth