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'Continuing Grantham tip booking system will only make fly-tipping worse' says reader

A reader letter

With so much fly-tipping mentioned in the Journal, the councils need to think out of the box.

Now that taking unwanted items of any kind to the tip is by appointment, the problem is only going to get worse.

Public recycling centre. Picture: iStock (37188605)
Public recycling centre. Picture: iStock (37188605)

I have three electrical items in my garage which have been there since the pandemic began and I have no wish to go to an official tipping site where I have to book a slot, when with a face mask on it should be business as usual.

Working full-time also doesn’t help with that.

There is no social meeting at a tip, everyone is focussed on dumping their items and leaving.

If you are allowed to go to a pub then what on earth is behind the reasoning that you can’t just visit a tip and dump items?

Some time ago, when I lived in the West Lindsey district, they used to stand an empty skip periodically in the village hall car park for local residents to use.

If tipping isn’t made easier, matters are going to get worse.

I have always visited the Great Northern Terrace official site in Lincoln to coincide with when I have gone shopping, but having to show local proof of address now makes this not possible (as well as the booking system).

I have only visited the Grantham site once and I found staff unhelpful, if not rude.

What the link is between dumping rubbish everywhere and having had a lockdown who knows, but you only have to look at the pavements to see the amount of rubbish just chucked down and if you don’t get a bit more imaginative with regards to the dumping of the type of waste, which you can now only take on certain days by appointment to official sites, then what can you expect?

I would expect to now be told it’s a matter of cost.Well, cut down on something else which isn’t necessary i.e. a wage or some stupid statue....


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