Could Grantham MP Nick Boles’ skill be for legitimate use?

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I have no particular problem with the UK parliament funding language lessons, as these skills can be useful to UK trade and political relations,

However, as Mr Boles has an Israeli partner, I would suggest that these skills may be used for more personal, rather than professional reasons.

Furthermore, for those who are not aware, the Labour and Conservative parties both have large “friends of Israel” groups, which are funded directly by the state of Israel and include free trips to the country, seminars meetings, etc.

These groups were subject to various media investigations for political bias and are regarded as one of the best funded quasi religious committees in the Houses of Parliament.

Given the current troubles in Syria and previously Iraq etc, I do not see this as being appropriate for an impartial member of parliament.

Mr Boles, personal life aside, may indeed have legitimate reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language as a former member of the British Foreign and Commonweath Office (FCO), however, I think he should satisfy his long-suffering constituents that (1) the expenses are for professional reasons only, and (2) that he is not allied/ biased towards the Israeli cause in any way other than by personal belief.


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