Could Grantham’s iconic church become St Wulfram’s Minster?

St Wulfram's Church.
St Wulfram's Church.
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St Wulfram’s Church could become a Minster, with a decision due to be taken by the Bishop of Lincoln.

Rector Father Stuart Cradduck explained: “It goes back to the 1200s when St Wulfram’s was a minster. It has since lost that title but there is a case for it to become so again given its size and history.”

He added: “It would be a sub-cathedral. This would not affect the status of the town - Grantham would still be a town, but it would see a different relationship between St Wulfram’s, the town and the community.”

Father Cradduck said minster status would not change services held in St Wulfram’s, but would recognise its work both within the parish and further afield.

The proposition has gone to the Bishop of Lincoln who is currently considering the issue, while SKDC and the church council will also be consulted.