Council has no idea how to consult us properly

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I was pleased that the Grantham Journal published the story about Gonerby Hill Foot Residents Group submitting 920 objections to planning proposals to build on land north of Peachwood Close.

There is very strong feeling against these proposals, mainly because roads in this area are unable to cope with current levels of traffic and the additional housing will exacerbate the problem of the town regularly becoming gridlocked.

As stated, we feel that there are more suitable brownfield sites available and sites identified in the GAAP to the east of Grantham are much more suitable in terms of their impact on the town’s infrastructure, agriculture and heritage –amongst other things.

Although the council insists that full consultation was carried out, the residents disagree.

Of all the 920 people that signed a written representation objecting to this proposal not ONE person was aware of the plans that were in place.

To place an advert in the back of the Journal in a size six font and hold an exhibition in the library which nobody knew about is not consultation and it is not communication.

If people are unaware of what the council is planning and the impact this will have on their residential area, how can they possibly submit objections?

Residents are angry because they feel that this site, which is a much-loved and well used informal open space, is now vulnerable to development and had we known about it and been asked about it, every single person would have objected.

The fact that we gathered 920 signatures in just five days is evidence of this. Now that is communication and consultation.

Andrea McHugh

Vivian Close, Grantham