Council leader’s plan is a case of chicken and egg

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I STARTED reading, with interest, the short column by our illustrious Council Leader Martin Hill.

Now here is a man with vision and who is aware of what the residents of Grantham want and that is an East-West Bypass before more housing.

He acknowledges that progress has been slow but the building blocks are coming into place. But wait a minute, if this does not happen do we now have a scapegoat who we can blame for the bypass not becoming a reality?

Of course we do, is it LCC or SKDC? No it is the private sector developers who will be to blame if they fail to make their contribution towards the total cost.

Firstly, who are these private sector developers? Are they the housing developers or the industrial estate developers?

We need the private sector to help finance the by-pass, but we need the by-pass before the private sector can develop, so which comes first?

The Market place has recently been successfully refurbished, making it more attractive to shoppers, visitors and investors so says our LCC Leader.

You mean that glorified patio where we will see all the tables and chairs from the adjacent pubs and cafés during the summer months?

What the shop, cafés and restaurant owners want is the assurances that there will be an east-west by-pass to take all the heavy and through-traffic away from the centre of the town, making it more accessible and less stressful for residents and visitors alike.

I moved into Grantham 11 years ago when I considered it a bustling community, but now I am waiting for the tumbleweed to start rolling down the High Street.

So no more blowing in the wind like a hot air balloon with no definitive direction, Mr Hill. Get a grip and stop putting into place areas of blame if it does not happen.


Gonerby Hill Foot