Council plans to preserve Hollows

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I WOULD like to thank all those who contacted me offering their support for the Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without Parish Council’s purchase of the Hills and Hollows.

The councillors decided, due to the number of complaints received from parishioners when the land was advertised as a motorcross track, something had to be done to preserve it. This purchase took 14 months to complete as it was very complicated. We would like to publicly thank them for all their help. The area will now never be built on or used commercially; we have had this written into the deeds.

People have asked what will happen next; the first thing we have done is applied to WREN for a £9,000 grant towards fencing the quarry area to keep out all motor vehicles, both two and four-wheeled! There will be kissing-gates at all three entrances to gain access on foot! All Rights of Way footpaths will be preserved. We should know by March if we have been successful. Thank you to all those who emailed or rang with messages of support; your comments have been included with our bid.

The Woodland Trust are providing assistance with the supply of trees and hedging and there is a “Tree Planting Working Party” taking place this Sunday at 9.30am, everyone is welcome.

Last week the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust were on site and completed a short survey of the species of flora in the quarry area; we are delighted to say that they found 18 different species of rare plants, twice as many as needed to gain the area recognition as a Local Wildlife Site. Further news will follow.

The area that we have purchased will become a designated Wildlife Area; we already have four schools interested in using it for environmental studies. We are waiting to find out who has purchased the adjacent plots; we would like to know what plans they have. If possible we would wish to work with them to keep a larger area open to the public.

Although purchased by the parish council, the area is open with free access to all (except motor vehicles).


Clerk Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without Parish Council