Council should be applauded for bin service

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I believe SKDC has made the right decision to continue with twice weekly bin collections.

The system is working well and in these times when the Council (and the country) is striving to maintain services, reverting to weekly collections does not warrant the increase in cost that would clearly result.

Eric Pickles and his Department have got this plain wrong, and they do SKDC a disservice by accusing them of offering a second rate service.

The service is not ‘second rate’ at all. Collection dates are efficiently communicated and the bin men empty the bins reliably on the expected days.

The excellent wheelie bin design stops any potential vermin from getting in or any other problems. The simple separation into black and silver bins has significantly improved our re-cycling performance.

Instead of being accused, SKDC should be applauded for getting this right and leaving well alone.

Derek Fisher

Via email