Councillor apologises for being a ‘Twit’

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A TOWN councillor has apologised to the people of Grantham after tweeting that Granthamians are in-breeders.

On Wednesday, Bingham Town Councillor Alan Harvey posted on the messaging site: “Gainsborough is a bit like Grantham, only with a bit more in-breeding.”

The Journal contacted Coun Harvey yesterday (Thursday) to demand an apology and ask why he made such an offensive comment.

He apologised for the post and admitted he “should have known better”.

He claimed he was visiting Gainsborough with his wife and noting how similar the town is to Grantham when his wife was verbally abused, leading to the hot-headed comment.

He said: “I lost my rag and put on a tweet. I tried to withdraw it immediately but I couldn’t so I had to wait until I got home.

“It was a stupid mistake on my part.”

He came under further fire when he tweeted again, apologising to the people of Gainsborough - but not of Grantham.

Shortly after removing the initial post, he had tweeted: “Apologies for innappropriate tweet about Gainsborough sent in heat of moment following upset in the town. I should know better. Apols again.”

But after the Journal demanded an apology be made to the people of our town, he went on to post: “Just been rightly pointed out that my apology yesterday didn’t mention Grantham which as a frequent visitor, I am more than happy to rectify.”