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Councillor calls for crackdown on litter left at Denton Reservoir near Grantham

A councillor is calling for tougher measures to tackle litter louts after a local beauty spot was left strewn with rubbish over the half-term break.

Councillor Alexander Maughan contacted the Journal after being ‘saddened’ by the amount of litter left at Denton Reservoir near Grantham last week and demanded for more to be done.

He tweeted: “Just a small sample of the litter (pictured) being left by teenagers at Denton Reservoir this week and every other hot day during the summer. Desperately sad and totally unacceptable. We need to get tougher as a society on litter and take better care of our environment.”

Litter at Denton Reservoir (47946175)
Litter at Denton Reservoir (47946175)

The Journal has reported a number of times on issues at Denton Reservoir, including littering, groups of youths intimidating others and a blatant disregard for social distancing rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reader Matt Fraser-Betts also contacted the Journal after too being appalled at the state the reservoir had been left in last week.

He said: “I regularly run around this beauty spot and was disgusted, angered and saddened by the state it has been left in on Friday. The level of rubbish and selfish disregard for both nature and others was appalling.

Councillor Alexander Maughan (47989384)
Councillor Alexander Maughan (47989384)

“There was rubbish all over the place, in the water, in the hedges, trees and all over the grass. It made me feel embarrassed to be human and really angry that I have to share a planet with the type of people responsible."

It comes after some residents, including Matt’s own daughter, have taken matters into their own hands and carried out litter picks because they are so disgusted by the sight.

Following councillor Maughan’s tweet, chief inspector Phil Vickers, of Lincolnshire Police, tweeted his support.

He said: “If there is evidence of who left the litter then they would be keen to support South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) in dealing with the issue and preventing future incidents.”

After contacting the local police community support officer (PCSO), councillor Maughan added: “They have been very helpful and agreed to carry out patrols when next on duty. The key is to be present when the sun is out. We picked a lot of the litter ourselves but confronting drunken groups is tricky.

“I would like to see a bin near the entrance to the reservoir to discourage people from just leaving their litter behind on the bank.”

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