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Councillor resigns from parish council near Grantham after 56 years over village centre finances

A councillor has resigned after serving more than 56 years on a parish council over a village centre’s finances.

Peter Jackson, who is also a trustee of the village centre, has resigned from Great Ponton Parish Council because he says the hall’s finances are in a poor state.

In a letter read out by chairman of the parish council Councillor Eileen Booth, Mr Jackson said: “It is with great regret that I find myself writing this letter. After being on the parish council for over 56 years the present dilemma I find myself in is unprecedented. It has been brought about by problems with the running of village centre of which I have been a trustee for the last 20 years.

Great Ponton Village Centre (48936313)
Great Ponton Village Centre (48936313)

"Over that time the village centre has been running well apart from the odd blips. Any problems have been overcome, the council has been kept up to date and a copy of the report handed over to the charity commission. There has been no need for the trustees to get involved.

“Over the last two and a half years a new committee was formed and at the parish meeting a report has been given mainly by the chair of the parish council.

“Earlier this year it became clear that the village centre was short of money. Because of this I am going to resign from the parish council and concentrate the rest of my time on what the rest of the trustees have been left with. Things have been moving so slow, but it will become clear what has been going on. We are trying to do this in a friendly way but we do need to know where a substantial amount of money has been spent.

“I do hope it doesn’t come to being a police matter. We may have to come to the parish council for a loan in order to keep the village centre open.

“Being the only trustee on the parish council I feel partly responsible for not picking up on it earlier. I am sorry it has come to this.”

An AGM of the village centre committee is being organised and anybody interested in joining should contact secretary Emma Meadows on 07866 777265.

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