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Lincolnshire County Council's Colin Davie reacts to government Energy Security Strategy for increasing onshore wind turbine expansion and nuclear power roll-out

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County councillors have called for increased short-term relief from the Government's new energy strategy amidst their own aim to deliver a low-carbon economy in Lincolnshire.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set out a new Energy Security Strategy which he says will make British energy 'cleaner, more affordable and more secure'.

Plans will focus on onshore wind expansion, with the number of turbines across the UK set to be trebled, a roll-out of nuclear power and the construction of new solar farms.

The Government plans to increase onshore wind farms across the country
The Government plans to increase onshore wind farms across the country

Coun Colin Davie, executive Lincolnshire county councillor for economy, environment and strategic planning, voiced his approval of the scheme - but believes government officials can be doing even more.

He said: "We welcome the publishing of the strategy, albeit ten years too late. We support the plans to grow offshore wind and for more solar generation on both domestic and commercial buildings. This is an area we have already progressed as a council with 57 of our buildings utilising solar energy.

"It’s also reassuring that the government has recognised that any further onshore wind developments absolutely need local community support. We must balance energy generation with the need to look after our Lincolnshire landscapes.

"The government should also be looking at a food security policy to reflect the value of our agricultural land and a need to keep food prices stable.

"Although long-term energy security is essential, our residents and businesses are already struggling with increased energy costs. We know in the short-term prices will be high and are likely to remain high into the medium term, affecting our most vulnerable residents the most.

"We would like to see more schemes that will help in the short-term such as insulation and energy efficiency measures for older housing in the county. This represents a significant missed opportunity.

"We recognise as a council that we are limited to what we can do to provide energy security for residents in the county, but there are some areas where we can do more work. This includes how we generate energy for our own use, and how we dispose of waste in a way that minimises energy use and maximises energy generation.

"We can also look at being better prepared for when industry opportunities are available to contribute to national as well as local energy security."

Coun Davie added that Lincolnshire County Council is committed to delivering a low-carbon economy, but 'only at a price that is affordable to residents'.

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