Councillors need Divine guidance

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THE Journal asked for comments from readers on the inclusion of prayers at council meetings.

But surely the argument is not the based on the prayers per se, but their being item number one on the agenda?

And if you choose to avoid being present for item number one on the agenda, are you marked down as being late?

Frankly, given the flagrant and sanctimonious hypocrisy that is voiced at such meetings, under the guise of caring for the community, perhaps it would be more appropriate for members to be down on their knees at the end of the meeting - asking for absolution?

Isn’t it yet again a minority group attacking our fundamental right to a Christian way of life?

As a baptised and confirmed member of the Church of England, I am utterly weary of the constant sniping and erosion of what has been a major factor in our history for hundreds of years - not withstanding the platform for stability it offers for the future.

This disgruntled airing of a singular view adds more fervour to the fundamentalist element that is now amongst us, and has no part in our religion or way of life.

Let the prayers go on, but they do not have to be itemised on the agenda. People can then have the option of being present or not, without any fear of recrimination.

I do indeed hope that our own councillors have some guidance from somewhere - has anybody looked at the town recently?

Diana Greenhalgh

High Street, Grantham