County council claims backing of the people for its anti-wind farm stance

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Lincolnshire County Council says nine out of ten people who took part in its recent online survey back the council’s anti-wind farm stance.

The county council has previously called for “a halt to the unrestrained spread of wind turbines across Lincolnshire”.

The council says just under 4,000 people completed the survey, with 89 per cent agreeing with the authority’s position.

Almost two-thirds of people felt wind farms had no role to play in meeting our energy needs, while 87 per cent of people said the county council’s guidelines should be taken into account when new wind farms are considered.

The council described the findings as sending out a “clear message to developers and local planning authorities”.

South Kesteven District Council is the planning authority for the Grantham area.

Councillor Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Clearly our residents feel something has to be done about the unrestrained spread of wind turbines across the county. It also looks that, as far as our residents are concerned, the county council is on the right track.

“We understand the need for renewable energy. However, we can’t ignore the impact wind farms are having of our beautiful and historic countryside for what appears to be very limited gain.

“We need to make sure we balance our need for green energy against inappropriate developments that ruin the very environment we’re trying to protect. We’re confident our guidelines will bring that balance.”

A report will now be presented to the council’s executive members asking them to endorse a move to make the council’s current position official policy. If they agree, this will go before the full council on February 22 for approval.