County Council: Pothole problem in Lincolnshire is three-times worse than we thought

Potholes are costing Lincolnshire County Council hundreds of thousands of pounds. 919C
Potholes are costing Lincolnshire County Council hundreds of thousands of pounds. 919C
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The number of claims for compensation for pothole damage to vehicles on the county’s roads made to Lincolnshire County Council is three times higher than initially claimed.

In September, the Journal published the findings of a Freedom of Information request it submitted to the council with the authority stating there had been “617 claims for damage caused by potholes or defects in the carriageway” between January 2012 and August 2013, with the total amount paid out in compensation being £89,919.

This week the county council has apologised to the Journal after admitting those figures were incorrect.

The total number of claims was actually far higher with 1,901 claims submitted and a total of £224,691 paid out.

+ 1,692 claims were for property damage with a total of £186,511 paid out.

+ 176 claims were for personal injury due to highway defects at a cost to the council of £37,782.

+ 33 claims where the council paid out on surface dressing damage costing £397.

David O’Connor, Lincolnshire County Council’s executive director for performance and governance, wrote to the Journal to apologise for the error.

He said: “I was not able to establish exactly how the error was caused but I believe it likely that it was human error in running a specific data report to cover the period of your request.

“I have identified improvements that can be made to minimise chances of a recurrence of this problem.

“We take our duties under Freedom of Information seriously and have a good record for timely, accurate, responses. I can only apologise to you on behalf of the council and assure you that my recommendations for improvement will be implemented.”