Couple hit by Typhoon Haiyan after moving to island from Grantham in July

Gary and Cyndy Davies in the Philippines.
Gary and Cyndy Davies in the Philippines.
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A couple who left Grantham in July to go and live with their sons in the Philippines have described the destruction in the country following the ravaging typhoon.

Gary and Cyndy Davies, formerly of High Meadow, Grantham, live in a town called Consolacion. They saw a message on the internet about Huntingtower Academy organising a sale for the vicitms of the typhoon and sent a letter about the disaster to the school to be read to the children and as a thank you for all the help that people in Britain are doing for the Philippines.

Gary used to work in sales and Cyndy taught at the Isaac Newton School.

Gary said: “My wife and I finally left Grantham in July to live here in a town called Consolacion on the island of Cebu with our two sons. They had moved here some time ago and we used to visit every year and fell in love with the country and the people.

“As a Granthamiam of 45 years I thought the children might be interested in hearing from a local person now living here as to what it was like to go through both October’s earthquake and the largest storm ever to hit land.”

Mr Davies added: “We suffered some minor damage to the house but it is a mere pinprick compared to the damage and devastation elsewhere. We only have to go 35 or 40km north and it’s like entering another world. The devastation is incredible.

“I would ask the journal to say a big THANK YOU from us all over here for the magnificent response of the UK public.

“Words cannot express our true feelings. Just seeing the comings and goings at our airport makes us realise how much the world is trying to help.”

In his letter to the children of Huntingtower School, Mr Davies describes the damager the typhoon has caused and how people are having to live without shelter, water, food and power.

In the letter Mr Davies says: “The wind was so strong it blew part of our roof off but luckily it did not hit anybody. Our next door neighbours kept all their windows closed and as a result the wind blew out 4 or 5 of them. The electricity went off, so did the water and it was 36 hours before it came back, but it’s still going off from time to time.”

To end his letter Gary said: “Thank you, thank you from all the Filipino people who have suffered. You and they may never meet but your kindness will never be forgotten.”