Courier scam fraudsters continue to target Grantham

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Lincolnshire Police have urged people to remember advice around cold callers claiming to be from banks after two more people in Grantham were contacted by fraudsters.

Officers have been offering guidance around the Courier Scam that has been taking place in various parts of the county over the last few months and have repeated this to try and stop any further people falling victim to similar frauds.

On Friday, June 6, a 74-year-old woman from Barkston, Grantham, received a call from a person claiming to be from her bank who told her there was a problem with her account and she should transfer her cash to keep it safe.

She was told by the caller to ring the ‘lost cards’ number for her bank, and the caller then hung up, but it is thought they did not clear the line so the woman in fact spoke to the fraudsters who told her where to transfer her money, which was over £49,000.

The lady’s family became aware and told her bank who launched their own investigation. They have located the cash and most of it is thought to be safe.

In another case, a 78-year-old man from Stoke Rochford in Grantham reported receiving a number of phone calls between June 7 and 10 from a man claiming to be from the security department of his bank.

He was told that due to suspected suspicious activity on his account he was to transfer £49,750 into an outside account. He was told to make a further transfer the next day but instead decided to report the incident to his bank, who then froze the suspect account.

Sally Picker Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor said: “We are urging people to remember the advice not to engage with or respond to any phone calls claiming to be from banks or organsiations such as the Police or Government departments.

“Remember a genuine caller from your bank or similar will never cold call you and ask you for your account details, passwords or personal information.

“If you are unsure of what you are being told please report it to police straight away.”

If you have been a victim of fraud, or believe an attempt has been made on you, please contact Lincolnshire Police as soon as possible on 101.