Courier scam targeting Lincolnshire hits Grantham

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police
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Lincolnshire Police are warning the public about scammers who are tricking people into handing over their bank cards, after at least seven recent incidents in the county.

The fraudsters are using a sophisticated “courier scam”, and concentrate intensely on a particular area before moving on.

As with many of these cons, offenders often target vulnerable or elderly people, and the police are aware of seven recent incidents in Lincolnshire, including one yesterday, April 3, in Grantham.

These crimes are currently being investigated and the police wanted to inform the public of how the scam works (see below)

- Elderly victim is contacted on their landline from a man identifying himself as a police officer (usually from Birmingham or London). The caller with give a name and collar number of a real police officer.

- Victim informed that Police have someone in custody who has made a fraudulent transaction on their card. The victim is told to contact their bank ASAP.

- Victim will put the phone down but the offender will NOT, hence keeping the line open.

- Offender will then pretend to be the victim’s bank and ask personal questions ie PIN numbers. The offender will keep the victim on the phone for 1 to 2 hours and inform the victim that they will send a courier around to collect the card to ensure it is disposed of.

- Offender will send a courier (usually another member of the group) to the address to collect the bank card. The courier will then arrive at victims address and collect the card/s.

- Offender will then use the victims card immediately after, withdrawing and making transactions between £1,500 to £2,000

The police are urging residents to call 101 with details of incidents to pass on for the attention of PC 855 Steve Parker who is coordinating an overview of all offences and spreading awareness of the issue.

He said, “I have spoken to a number of forces and they have said that we need to get on top of this because from their experience, they have a few incidents and then it ‘explodes’ in their County once the offenders realise they can get something from the area.”

- For more information visit Action Fraud at

- If you think you have handed over any details to the fraudsters, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately

- If you want to call your bank, then do it from another telephone