Court: One pint of cider put Grantham motorist over the limit

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Drinking a single pint of Scrumpy Jack cider cost a motorist his driving licence for three years.

Damian Shaw, of Redmile Walk, Grantham, admitted drink-driving after being stopped by police in Guildhall Street in Grantham. As he had previously been banned from driving for being over the limit in 2008, Shaw was handed a mandatory three-year ban.

The court heard how Shaw, 32, was only just over the breath limit so was able to take a second test of either urine or blood. The urine test showed 112 microgrammes of alcohol - the limit is 107.

Giles Tyas, defending, said: “He had one pint of Scrumpy Jack. If he had had another drink, such as a lager, instead he probably would have been under the limit.

“Most people would think after one pint they would be okay but it depends. People ask me how much they can drink and still be under the limit and I say it depends on how you are built and what you drink and in this case he had not eaten either.”

However, chair of magistrates Ian McDonnell had little time for this argument.

He said: “If I was a solicitor and someone asked me how much I could drink without losing my licence I would say nothing and I’m certain Mr Shaw is thinking that himself now.”

Shaw was disqualified from driving for three years and fined £280. He must also pay a £28 surcharge and £85 costs.