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'Crash barrier should be installed to protect pedestrians' at Grantham roundabout

Correspondent Steve Cattell, of Hougham, wrote into the Journal calling for a crash barrier to be installed at Asda roundabout instead of the metal bollards which are regular hit by lorries , shredding their tyres.

Mr Cattell said: "We all know it is the drivers who are to blame for cutting the corner and bursting their tyres (at Asda roundabout) but why should everyone else suffer?

"It’s exactly the same with those drivers who can’t read and have no idea how high their lorries are and drive into the bridges. Again we all suffer. I can’t see the point in disabling the lorries on a busy narrow corner if the objective is to protect pedestrians.

This tyre was ripped off by the metal bollards at Asda roundabout recently. (49281287)
This tyre was ripped off by the metal bollards at Asda roundabout recently. (49281287)

"A six foot tall crash barrier should be installed with a cctv camera to record all lorries scraping along it and issue a moving violation penalty. Pedestrians protected and traffic kept moving.

"And on all approaches to the bridges, hanging chains (old school) or a height beam plus electronic sign (new school) should be installed to warn the tall lorries with plenty of time and distance.

Alan Morris, of Grantham, also wrote in to say: "Your correspondent Mr Steven Gray claims that the Asda roundabout is not “fit for purpose” because lorries mount the footpath and burst their tyres on bollards.

"He should note that the bollards are on the footpath to prevent lorries coming on to it and without them pedestrians (such as me) would be at risk of being crushed against the perimeter wall of the Asda filling station.

"The roundabout is perfectly adequate: it is the lorry drivers who are not fit for purpose as has been pointed out elsewhere in your paper.

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