£20,000 reward put up for conviction of Mark Corley’s killers

Tony Corley, father of murdered man Mark Corley.
Tony Corley, father of murdered man Mark Corley.
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The father of murdered Mark Corley says a £20,000 reward will be paid to anybody who gives evidence leading to a conviction.

Tony Corley has been looking for justice for his 23-year-old son who was shot dead in a field in County Durham in 2000.

Mark was taken from his home in Grantham, driven up the A1 and killed on remote farmland. In 2001, a judge threw out the case against five suspects after it was discovered police had illegally bugged their conversations with solicitors.

Mr Corley, 63, of Leicestershire, has since written a book called More Questions Than Answers? which is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Mr Corley told the Journal: “Nearly 16 years have passed since the case collapsed leaving me very frustrated, angry and bitter. I know there are people out there who know the truth, not just in Grantham. Don’t be afraid to come forward and tell the truth. Sixteen years is a long time and people change, hence the reason a close colleague has offered £20,000 reward for the successful conviction of my son’s killers.

“If for one moment I didn’t believe there wasn’t any evidence out there I wouldn’t let this reward go ahead. Does someone know you are out there? Someone just go to your local police station, clear yourself if you have good clear evidence against Mark Corley’s killers to gain a successful conviction and £20,000 will be yours.”

Mr Corley made an appeal to anybody involved in his son’s murder. He said: “How can you live with yourself for murdering a human being, someone’s child? It wrecks families and lives. You carelessly murdered my son in cold blood and need to be punished for what you did. You need to do the right thing.

“Justice would help me move on and bring some closure.”