Anger as owner of stolen bike gives police CCTV, images and suspect’s name – but hears nothing

CCTV shows the two suspects approaching the Honda motorcycle belonging to Lawrence Banks.
CCTV shows the two suspects approaching the Honda motorcycle belonging to Lawrence Banks.
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A motorcycle owner is furious with police who he says have failed to respond after he reported the attempted theft of his treasured bike.

Lawrence Banks, 19, reported the theft of his Honda motorcycle after two men attempted to steal it from the car park 
underneath the Riverside flats in Welham Street on August 31.

The men are seen on CCTV at about 11pm tampering with the bike before being able to wheel it out of the car park into the street. But Mr Banks says a code is needed to start the bike and it was immobilised. They abandoned the bike in the street, but not before damaging the ignition and steering. He said that the bike must have been kicked hard to break the steering lock.

The bike cost Mr Banks £3,500 and he fears that if he tries to claim it on insurance it will be a write-off.

He had posted CCTV footage of the bike being taken and one of the men’s faces can be seen as he looks at the camera. Mr Banks says a number of people have identified the man.

Mr Banks said: “It’s infuriating. I have not had one call from a case worker. I have given them CCTV, photos and the name of the guy I think did it. It’s just the fact that if they looked at what I have given them they would know who has done it. The same name has been given to me by lots of people.

“I have given the police everything I can. I couldn’t do any more.”

Mr Banks, a student at Grantham College, bought the bike new in 2015, but says it is not so much the cost as the emotional attachment he has to it. “I have good memories riding the bike. A friend of mine who passed away rode it. It’s very sentimental. I can’t replace it.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “A Sergeant has reviewed the investigation and assigned an officer to make further contact with the victim, record a statement and seize any available CCTV that has not yet been provided to Police.

“We would like to urge anyone with information in relation to the incident to report in on 101.”