Angry traveller abuses staff

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TRYING to pay his train fare late led a man to be convicted of a public order offence after he lost his temper and abused staff.

Ian Henderson, 58, of Stacey Street, Islington, London, was on the train from London King’s Cross to Leeds, going to see his family, on December 22 last year when he was challenged about his ticket.

He was ejected at Grantham Railway Station after refusing to pay, but could not get through the barriers to the kiosk to buy a ticket. Henderson, defending himself, said he had been informed that he could get a ticket on the train but after hearing the prices he decided to get off and get a ticket before continuing his journey. But at the barrier he lost his temper.

He said: “The man tried to restrain me and I called him a jobsworth.”

Magistrates sentenced Henderson to a day in custody, which had already been served after being escorted to court.