Appeal made for return of important hard-disc stolen in Grantham burglary

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A teacher has made an appeal for the return of his wife’s hard disc, containing three years of work, which was stolen when their house was burgled on Monday night.

Stephen Brook, a King’s School teacher who lives in the centre of town, says there is a reward of £100 for anybody who has information leading to the return of the disc which contains three years of work his wife has compiled while at Nottingham University. There is also a £50 reward for the return of her passport.

The disc and passport were contained in a red leather bag, like a large handbag, together with an Apple Mac laptop, a purse and the passport.

Mr Brook said: “She had all the backup for the last three years’ work on the disc which is to do with asthma which she presents in the United States and other places in Europe. It’s irreplaceable. It’s not worth anything to anybody else, but worth a lot to her professionally.”

Anybody with any information about the stolen property can contact the police on the non-emergency number 101 or call the Journal on 01476 562291.