Argument costs man his false front teeth

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A FALL-out between two former best friends left one of them missing his two front teeth.

Kristofer Eyre, of Bedford Close, Grantham, was on a night out in town with his girlfriend on March 6 when his former best friend approached him.

The victim said that Eyre, 29, owed him money and he had gone over to talk to him about it when he saw him outside the Late Lounge, in Grantham.

Reading the victim’s statement out in court, prosecutor Marie Stace said: “Without warning he punched me in the mouth. I didn’t expect this reaction, he hadn’t even spoken to me.

“I could feel blood in my mouth and could feel that my two front teeth, which were screwed in 15 years ago, had fallen out.”

The single punch knocked out the victim’s two front teeth, which were false, and left him with cuts to his mouth, which required seven stitches.

Eyre then walked away with his girlfriend.

The next day he handed himself in at Grantham Police Station. He admitted the offence but disagreed with the background to the event.

Stuart Wild, defending, said that Eyre did not borrow any money from the complainant let alone the £3,000 that was claimed.

Mr Wild said: “Eyre would go abroad and get tobacco, unfortunately he was stopped at customs and the tobacco was confiscated and the victim found himself £3,000 out of pocket.

“After that the relationship broke down.”

Mr Wild added that before the incident happened the pair had seen each other several times in the pub and the victim had goaded Eyre.

Magistrates put Eyre, who admitted assault by beating, on a 12-month community order with 40 hours of unpaid work and made him pay £85 costs. Compensation, which was claimed for over £4,000, was not awarded.