Arrested man had a knuckle duster hidden in his underpants

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A KNUCKLE duster was found to have been hidden inside a man’s underpants after he was arrested by police.

Damian Atkinson, 25, of Grantley Street, Grantham, was the passenger in a car which was pulled over in Springfield Road, Grantham, on May 24. The two men were arrested and taken to Grantham Police Station.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, told the court how when Atkinson was asked by the custody sergeant if he “had anything on him that he should not have”, Atkinson produced the knuckle duster from inside his boxer shorts.

Atkinson told police he had bought the knuckle duster from a friend that morning, paying £10. He had shoved the weapon into his boxer shorts when he saw the police car.

Rob Arthur, defending, said: “There is no suggestion he was behaving in a violent manner. He purchased it and was intending to take it home.”

Atkinson admitted possession of an offensive weapon. The case was adjourned until June 27 for sentencing.