Assaults at bowling alley left woman soaked in own blood

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A GOOD Samaritan who tried to help a drunken man instead found herself being attacked by him.

Karl Watson, of Seacroft Close, Grantham, admitted assaulting a woman, a man and a police officer after having far too much to drink at Grantham Bowl in Dysart Road.

Watson, 21, was at the bowling alley with friends in October when the incident took place.

Rory McMillan, defending, said the trio had taken a water bottle filled with vodka into the bowling alley “to save money”. However, a manager suspected the men were drinking alcohol so Watson, in an effort to convince the manager it was only water, drank two full glasses of neat vodka.

Mr McMillan said: “Mr Watson described it as the most stupid thing he has ever done as he could have killed himself drinking that much vodka in one go.”

Watson was later seen by the female victim lying on the floor outside the bowling alley. He was banging his head on the floor in an attempt to find his feet.

Jill Derby, prosecuting, described how the female victim stepped forward to try to help him, suggesting an ambulance be called. Instead Watson grabbed her and threw her to one side before swinging a punch which missed.

A male friend of the woman tried to calm things down but Watson pulled him to the ground and scratched the man as he tried to get away.

The female victim retreated to the entrance of the bowling alley.

Jill Derby said: “The next thing she knew was being smashed sideways and hitting her head on the wall.”

The woman had been barged into the wall by Watson and the action left her with a cut to the head which she tried to stem with a beer mat.

Jill Derby said: “She was soaked in blood as a result of the injury.”

Watson was arrested but would not co-operate with the police and bit an officer on the calf.

Rory McMillan, defending, said Watson has little recollection of the events.

He said: “He had no idea what was going on or what he was doing.”

Watson, a bricklayer, was ordered to complete 100 hours’ community service and must pay £40 compensation to the female victim and £20 compensation to the police officer. He must also pay £85 in costs.