Attack victim taken in by Grantham fast food restaurant

Richard Davies sustained multiple facial injuries. 1XVaXMkRPPLKh2S_zdkr
Richard Davies sustained multiple facial injuries. 1XVaXMkRPPLKh2S_zdkr
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After a brutal attack which left a father with multiple injuries, he and his family have thanked the staff at McDonalds who took him in and provided first aid.

Walking back from the town centre after a night out, at around 3.30am on Saturday, 26-year-old Richard Davies had just reached the Spar on Bridge End Road when he heard a man shout for his attention.

On turning around Mr Davies says he was suddenly set upon by two other men.

“It was the first time I have ever been hit, and it was like a massive flash,” he said.

Mr Davies described how he was forced to the ground and punched and kicked, mostly to the head. He only managed to get away by crawling out of his jumper as his assailants snatched at it, before running across to the fast food restaurant for help.

“The staff looked after me, kept me warm, and rang for the police and an ambulance,” said Mr Davies, who has a four-year-old daughter.

Manager Sarah Ball was able to put her first aid training into practice, and said:“He came to the right place.”

Mr Davies was taken to hospital as he had suffered a broken nose, a two inch gash on his right eyebrow, split lips and was concussed with a trainer mark on his forehead.

He has since returned to McDonalds to give them some chocolates as a thank you. His mum, Anita Davies, said: “It shows there are still some people out there willing to help others.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed no arrests have been made yet in relation to this incident.