Banned driver stopped on A1 blames his baby

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A DISQUALIFIED driver got behind the wheel in an attempt not to miss the birth of his child.

Benjamin Seaton, 21, thought his girlfriend was going into labour in the early hours of February 21.

Judith Armstrong, defending, said: “He felt he had no other option. He didn’t want to look back on life later on thinking his child was going to ask why he was not there for the birth.

“If it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t have driven. He realises it was foolish and stupid.”

Seaton, who is living in the YMCA at Grimsby, was on the A1 at Stoke Rochford when police stopped him. He was attempting to drive to Cambridge.

Seaton gave the officers his details and they discovered he had been disqualified on February 3 for 12 months.

Magistrate Graham Harman said: “You came very close to going into custody for this offence.

“You felt you had an emergency to get to your lady friend who’s having the baby but it’s so serious custody could’ve been imposed.”

Seaton was put on a nine month community order with a supervision requirement. His disqualification was not increased but he received six penalty points. He was also made to pay £85 costs.