Barrowby man told lies to gain cheaper car insurance

Byron Hayes-Fowler.
Byron Hayes-Fowler.
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A Grantham man gave false details in a bid to get car insurance, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Byron Hayes-Fowler, 21, claimed he was aged 40 and had been driving for 10 years when he approached companies. He also claimed he had no previous motoring convictions when he had been convicted of driving without a full licence and without insurance as well as for driving while disqualified.

Christopher Lowe, prosecuting, said that Hayes-Fowler made applications both on line and over the telephone to a number of companies for more than a year before he was finally caught out in October 2011.

Mr Lowe said “The false information he submitted was of the type that rendered any insurance invalid.

“He was thereafter driving without any valid insurance.

“On seven occasions he was stopped by police driving various motor vehicles on each occasion responding that he had insurance in place.”

Hayes-Fowler, formerly of Westry Close, Barrowby, but currently a serving prisoner, admitted 14 charges of fraud between 21 December 2010 and 3 January 2012. He also admitted five charges of driving without insurance.

He was given a six month jail sentence which will run consecutive to a three and a half year jail term he received in June for drug dealing offences. He was also banned from driving for 12 months.

Judge Sean Morris told him “This was a deliberate course of conduct by you. Had you had an accident and maimed somebody you would not have been insured.”

Gareth Weetman, defending, described Hayes-Fowler as immature.

He said “He thought it better to mislead an insurance company so that he had a certificate of insurance rather than have no insurance. He didn’t realise that the policies he had were utterly worthless.”