Bikers on the beat will tackle trouble-makers

Police at Grantham were given bikes to help in their fight against crime.
Police at Grantham were given bikes to help in their fight against crime.
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TEENAGERS misbehaving over the Halloween period may well find these bikers on the beat bearing down on them.

As Lincolnshire Police issues a warning to potential trouble-makers, the force has unveiled its new mode of transport.

Some officers and police community support officers will be getting about on bicycles from now on, making it easier for them to be approached by people and also to pursue offenders.

As patrols are stepped up over Halloween, the bikers on the beat will be on the look-out for anti-social behaviour in the Grantham area.

Pc Nick Fox will be using one of the nine new additions to the fleet.

He said: “These bikes make us more accessible than we would be if we were travelling around in cars all the time.

“The public tell us that they want to see us out on beat patrolling the streets. This enables us to do that and also to be a lot more mobile and be able to follow offenders if necessary.”

The bicycles and safety equipment were paid for by £6,000 funding given by the Community Safety Partnership, with remaining cash being kept aside for maintenance costs.

The force has created Halloween posters which are available to download on the force website, warning trick or treaters to stay away.

Residents can print these off and place them on their door to deter callers.

Inspector Phil Taylor said: “We want young people to have a great time safely at Halloween but we also want them to be aware that it can be intimidating for elderly and vulnerable people in the community.

“If any houses are displaying our posters that say trick or treaters are not welcome, we would ask them to respect that and try not to disturb anyone who doesn’t want unsolicited callers.”

Neighbourhood policing teams have been working with local shops on the run-up to Halloween to discourage the sale of eggs and flour to youngsters.

They have also been attending schools to warn about the dangers of fireworks as Bonfire Night approaches.