Bingham woman who lied about taxi driver attack is jailed

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Making false claims of an attack by a taxi driver has landed a Bingham woman in prison.

Astria Berwick, 27, of Brendon Grove, claimed she was sexually assaulted by the man as he drove her home from Nottingham on February 20. She also alleged that he slashed her face with a knife.

However, her story proved to be untrue. Officers found no evidence of assault and the cautious taxi driver, upon hearing that Berwick was drunk, recorded the whole conversation with her in the car on his mobile phone.

Dc Laura Clarke, from Nottinghamshire Police’s public protection unit, said: “Falsely reporting crimes like this does not just cause harm to the unsuspecting victim but also true victims of sexual offences may be reluctant to report crimes against them for fear of not being believed.

“False allegations have a huge impact on those people falsely accused, for them, their family and friends, it can be life changing. Nottinghamshire Police investigate every crime thoroughly to discover the truth.”

Berwick admitted her lies at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday. She was jailed for 16 months.