Bladder rupturer avoids prison

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A MAN who left a friend with a potentially life-threatening injury following a violent row was spared jail by a judge.

Iain Bainbridge, 48, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm to a long-standing friend after they fell out following a night drinking.

Lincoln Crown Court heard the victim suffered a ruptured bladder after he was pushed to the floor and struck by Bainbridge.

Caroline Bradley, prosecuting, told the court both men had little recollection of the fight but the victim came off worse He spent two weeks in hospital before being discharged. Miss Bradley added: “It was a potentially life threatening injury if it had not been treated.”

Noel Philo, mitigating, told the court Bainbridge had apologised and was trying to start a new life after moving out of the area to Stamford.Bainbridge, formerly of The Drive, Grantham, admitted causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Wynch in December 2009.

He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years and placed under the supervision of a probation officer for 18 months.

Passing sentence Judge James Sampson said: “You left him in a sorry state. I have seen the photographs of his injury, it was clearly serious.”