Burglars crash family car into neighbour’s garden in Grantham

Hornsby Road crash.
Hornsby Road crash.
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Burglars broke into a house in the early hours of Sunday while a family slept inside and got away in their motability car crashing it into a neighbour’s garden fence.

The burglars broke in through the front door of the house on Hornsby Road in Grantham and stole a laptop, a mobile phone, cash and prescribed medicine. They then got into the Ford Cougar motability car, but hit a kerb and burst a tyre with the car coming to rest in the neighbour’s garden. The offenders then ran away.

During the burglary Darryl Blair, 45, and his wife Sue were sleeping upstairs with their son Ryan, 4. Darryl’s stepson Ashley was sleeping downstairs and his stepdaughter, Natalie, home from university for the weekend, was upstairs.

Mr Blair said the break-in happened between 4.30am and 5.30am. He believes the burglars were frightened off by an alarm going off on the freezer.

Mr Blair said: “We were asleep upstairs and we heard a screech of tyres, but did not think anything of it. The freezer alarm went off and my wife discovered the front door ajar.”

He said the family is “angry and upset” by the loss of the possessions. The laptop contains wedding photos and pictures of Ryan growing up.

Mr Blair added: “They are probably not experienced drivers. They have bounced the car off the kerb and blown a tyre and crashed into a neighbour’s fence. If they hadn’t got a raised kerb outside the house the car might have gone into the front of the house.”

Police say two males were seen in the area at the time. One was of medium build and wearing a blue and white hoodie and the other was wearing dark clothing. If anybody has any information, call the police on 101 quoting incident number 89 of March 9.