Burglars were snookered after botched break in at club

The thieves attempted to break out through the ceiling.
The thieves attempted to break out through the ceiling.
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MASTER criminals who broke into Grantham Snooker Club could only wait to be arrested after locking themselves in.

Troy Jenkins, 36, James Welsh, 35, and Richard Welsh, 42, all of Nottingham, broke into the club on Christmas Eve through a small window.

They attempted to steal from the fruit machines but found they had already been emptied.

The group then attempted to leave empty handed but found they were unable to get back out the way they came in.

After attempting and failing to escape through the ceiling, the burglars gave in and could only await the arrival of police.

Club manager Brian Rinkert was called out to help police.

He said: “I got there at 2.10am and turned the lights on and they were all just standing around table five.

“I don’t think they were criminal masterminds - they hadn’t even brought any tools with them to break into the machines.

“We empty all the tills and machines every day so they only managed to grab a few coins from petty cash - and they were all over the floor.”

All three of the men appeared in court last week and admitted burglary. They will be sentenced later this month.