Burglary accused cleared as judge calls case ‘a shambles’

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A man accused of breaking into a hairdressers’ salon has been cleared of burglary after a judge described the case against him as “a shambles”.

Aaron Kelly was alleged to have burgled the premises in Silver Lane, Stamford, on February 5 this year and stolen a Kindle Fire and hair care products.

But when the case appeared before Lincoln Crown Court for trial the prosecution asked for an adjournment to obtain “crucial” missing evidence and to allow time for DNA evidence to be analysed.

After hearing legal arguments, Judge Michael Heath refused to allow any further time for the prosecution to prepare their case.

Judge Heath said: “The case has come in for trial and the Crown are not ready in a variety of ways. They are missing a number of important and crucial items of evidence and they ask for an adjournment to get these various items.

“This is a shambles and I’m not prepared to grant an adjournment so that missing items of evidence can be obtained. They should have been obtained long, long ago and they were not.”

Prosecution barrister Edna Leonard then offered no evidence against Kelly who was formally acquitted.

Kelly, 30, of Sycamore Court, Grantham, denied burglary at the premises of Garie Nigel Hairwork.