Cannabis ‘helped’ epilepsy sufferer’s fits

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AN epilepsy sufferer who turned to cannabis for ‘medicinal purposes’ was put on a two year conditional discharge by magistrates on Wednesday.

Nathan Dymott, 32, of George Street, Grantham, was found with £160 worth of cannabis bush in his pocket on Earlesfield Lane, Grantham, on March 7.

Police arrested him and searched his house to find seven cannabis plants in his bedroom - five of them were around five to six feet tall.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Dymott admitted producing and possessing the drugs for personal use.

She said: “He told police it was for personal use, for medicinal purposes.”

Dymott, who has a habit costing £10 to £15 per day, started growing the drugs to avoid having to go to a dealer, the court heard.

But the plants he was growing were not yet mature enough to be used so he had bought some.

Miss Stace added: “He told officers he used bags daily to put his cannabis in and he weighed it out himself to make sure he hadn’t been short changed.”

Dymott was also found with cash and mobile phones.

Rob Arthur, defending, said: “The cannabis was clearly for his own personal use. There was no evidence to suggest otherwise.”

Dymott, who used heroin until around 18 months ago, was diagnosed with severe epilepsy in 2008. He suffered from convulsions with amnesia, which may have been caused by previous drug abuse.

Mr Arthur said: “He fully explained to officers that cannabis helps him with the severity of the convulsions he has. He uses it to assist his prescribed medication.”

Dymott had spent £160 of his £170 benefit to buy the cannabis bush when he was stopped and searched by police. Mr Arthur added that he was growing the plant to save money.