Cannabis man must work in the community

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A DOZEN bags of cannabis were found when police arrested a man acting suspiciously in Sharpe Road, Grantham.

Jamie Paddison, of Belmont Grove, Grantham, was spotted by officers and then ran away when approached.

The officers discovered he was carrying five 1gm bags of cannabis and a raid on his home uncovered a further seven bags as well as other items including digital scales.

The combined value of the 12 bags was £120.

The police also took a mobile phone which was found to contain messages requesting drugs.

Paddison, 22, was arrested in November, 2010. Paddison’s defence solicitor Bill Fraser criticised the amount time it took to bring Paddison before the courts.

Mr Fraser said: “While I accept it takes some time to analyse telephones, this is an extremely long time in my submission.”

Paddison, who admitted cannabis possession with intent to supply, was sentenced to a 12-month community order which includes a supervision order requiring him to co-operate with the probation service.

He must also complete 150 hours of work in the community over the next 12 months and pay £40 in costs.