Car thief raced up A1 near Grantham at 141mph

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Details of the most excessive speeds recorded on the roads around England and Wales in 2014 have been revealed, and one of the worst speeders of all was clocked on the A1 near Grantham.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has lifted the lid on the worst examples of excessive speeding caught on safety cameras after making a Freedom of Information request for the statistics to be released.

Staggeringly, there were five incidents of motorists speeding in excess of 140mph, and one of those was caught on camera hurtling north bound on the A1 at Great Ponton at 141mph, 71mph above the 70mph speed limit.

John Siddle, communications manager with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “The incident on the A1 involved a stolen vehicle, so, while it is still of concern, it is not the norm. However, we do get incidents of vehicles travelling at speeds in excess of 120 and 130mph in the county and excessive speed is one of the main factors in road collisions.

“It is often a question of thinking time. If you are travelling at between 90 and 120mph your thinking time is significantly reduced.

“It would be great if we all had the reactions of an F1 driver, but we don’t. We often see collisions where there have been no brakes applied at all due to the excessive speed.

“Our enforcement regarding speed is robust. We target areas where a death or serious injury has occurred, or where there are local concerns about speeding vehicles.”

“Our enforcement is very visible. All our cameras are yellow and there are warning signs on the approach to cameras, which are there to give the driver another chance to alter their speed.

“If you miss all of the indicators and are still speeding, it’s fair to say the ticket coming your way is well deserved.”