Coat buyer defrauded TK Maxx in Grantham

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An out-of-work woman who admitted defrauding TX Maxx out of almost £100 said she soon hopes to take up a new job as a scuba diving instructor in Egypt.

Claire Baker of Croake Hill, Swinstead, near Grantham admitted two charges of defrauding TK Maxx out of a total of £96.98.

The court heard how Baker bought coats from TX Maxx then swapped the tags with cheaper coats bought from elsewhere before returning them.

Baker defrauded TX Maxx in Grantham out of £36.99 and defrauded the Peterborough store out of £59.99.

Judith Armstrong defending, said: “She has made a one-off mistake. There has been nothing prior and nothing since.

“Everything indicates she made a serious error for which she is truly sorry.”

Miss Armstrong told the court Baker is looking to make a fresh start.

She added: “She is trying her best to get a new job but it is proving quite difficult.

“But she has managed to locate a job as a scuba-diving instructor in Egypt.”

Magistrates gave Baker a six-month conditional discharge.

She must also pay £96.98 in compensation to TK Maxx and £40 in costs.

Chairman of magistrates Ian McDonnell said: “If you do leave the country don’t

get ahead of yourself and think the fine will be on hold. Make arrangements for it to be paid while you are away.”