Couple do not feel safe after attacks on their home

Kimberly and Matthew Sherwood, Harrow Street, Grantham. Have had their car vandalised. (489B).
Kimberly and Matthew Sherwood, Harrow Street, Grantham. Have had their car vandalised. (489B).
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A COUPLE do not feel safe in their own home after a spate of attacks on their property in Harrow Street, Grantham.

Kimberley and Matthew Sherwood have had their car damaged on three occasions, things thrown through their windows and they constantly hear drunk people and drug-users fighting and shouting outside.

Matthew said: “We just want to feel safe. But you find yourself watching your back and looking out the window to see if anything’s wrong.”

The problems started two years ago when they got a brand new motability car, which is adapted so that Kimberley, who is disabled, can drive it.

More than £700 of damage was caused when their car was keyed but this is far from the worst incident.

Matthew said: “I looked out of the window one night and there was a group of teenagers trying to force the petrol cap open. They had a lit rag and a lighter.”

Matthew took a photo of the group, who stopped what they were doing when the flash fired. He said: “They were a bit confrontational when I went out but because I had the camera I think they thought better of it.”

Problems have continued since and on Sunday night Matthew looked outside to see his car covered in silver paint. He went outside and spent hours trying to scrub it off the car.

He said: “Luckily it was raining most of Sunday so it hadn’t stuck. We are trying to think whether we’ve upset anyone.”

Throughout all of the problems their main concern is their disabled son, Konrad, who is deaf.

“Although he’s deaf he wears a hearing aid so he can hear it. We don’t want to turn his hearing aid off because that would be unfair on him but we don’t want him to hear what’s going on outside. We’ve got to be careful because he’s quite insecure, we don’t want him to feel unsafe here.”

The couple are planning to improve the security of their home.

l Information to Lincolnshire Police on on 0300 111 0300.